Kromolith is based off the word chro·mo·lith·o·graph. The word defines as a unique means of creating multi-color prints. I want a single, unique phrase that can be used as a simple way to recognize my work. Along with that, the logo for Kromolith is a hand and a triangle. The hand represents the artist’s hand that creates and designs. While the triangle is a significant shape and has many symbolic meanings; having three corners. Its 3-corner design formulates the idea that an odd number of objects always has more balance than an even amount. I’ve also printed business cards for Kromolith that are 32pt, uncoated black edge cards. Incredibly durable, thick and professional, these cards make a statement with its minimal design and color scheme. Kromolith’s website is customized by me from scratch, therefore isn’t made by SquareSpace, Wix, or Adobe Portfolio.